Monday, April 7, 2014

Top 5 Walmart Job Application Mistakes Applicants Make and How to Avoid Them

Before you fill out and press the submit button of your Walmart job application, take the time to think of the kind of strategy you will use to get hired. If you have already begun or gone through the process of applying and you are getting nowhere, there may be one or more reasons why you have not been able to land a job.

Anyone Can Fill Out a Walmart Application but...

Think about this; just about anyone can go online and fill out the application online. However, why is it that other people seem to get called back for an interview while you sit at home wondering why you've been overlooked and disrespected? It's easy for someone to believe they have not advanced through the hiring process for a variety of reasons and even easier for someone to question whether they have what it takes to get hired at Walmart.

Here are the top 7 mistakes applicants make when they are in the process of filling out and submitting a Walmart job application:
  1. Boxing yourself into a Walmart job without considering and/or applying to any other companies. Even if a Walmart application is your first choice to get a retail job, you are seriously shortchanging yourself by not expanding your options. I call it "bad fisherman's syndrome". Who do you think is going to catch more fish on the pier; the fisherman who brings one rod and reel, or the one who brings 5 of them? Even if you have your heart set on Walmart, you can get picked up by another company, make a great impression with your tireless efforts and hard work, and apply to them when the time is right after gaining more retail experience. Here's how to fix that - apply to four to five companies at the same time. For example, consider Target, Kmart, Sears, Home Depot, and Lowe's. For this to work you are going to have to be organized so you need to take notes on when you have an interview, what was said, what was promised or not, and when you plan on following up. This leads us to the next mistake...
  2. Not following up on your Walmart job application. Let's see; you've taken the time to research how to apply, you have taken great pains in pressing the send button for the online application, and now you have waited approximately 3-4 weeks without a response. Have you followed up at your targeted store by inquiring about the status of your application. All that information can be traced at any Walmart through a computer or a phone call. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are searching for a job is to overlook one of the most important parts; the human aspect! People love hiring other people they know a little bit about instead of someone they have no clue about. Here's what you can do to avoid this - visit the store of your choice two weeks after you submit your Walmart application and ask them where you stand in the hiring process. What's the worst that can happen? They might say your application is still active or they might say you did not meet their hiring criteria, in which case, you can move on and try another retail store chain. On the other hand, if you present yourself well, they might tell you to leave your contact information so they can call you back for an interview once a position becomes open.
  3. Not networking with your targeted store's personnel before applying. Anybody can fill out a Walmart job application and press the submit button while hoping a job is going to land right in their lap. The reality is; there are hundreds of people just like you knocking down their doors to get a chance to work a this retail chain. What have you done to make yourself stand out apart from the rest of the job applicants? Do they even know who you are? The old saying about "who you know" is true in any type of business and you would be foolish to think it doesn't matter. The world is full of intelligent and talented folks who never got the job offer they deserved because they fell short in this area, thinking they would be successful due to their awesome qualities. These people have all forgotten about one important part of business; it's all about relationships. Companies do business with other companies because they trust them and need them. Customers come back to a store because they know the store well and they can count on them to have what they need. This is what you need to convey to your prospective employers. Don't fall into this trap - before you even think about smelling a Walmart application you need to establish some type of connection so you can have a better chance to get hired. Visit the store you want to work at and introduce yourself, even if it's to the senior citizen greeter at the front door. Find a way to talk to the manager and leave your business card with all your contact information after you have told them you are going to apply. Let the manger know you will also be following up on your Walmart job application within two weeks, too!
  4. Not preparing for the job interview. Let's assume you have made it far enough to get interviewed. Have you prepared yourself for the questions they might ask? Do you know what your strengths and weaknesses are and can you convey the message of how you are the perfect candidate for the job? Most people who go in for an interview simply "wing it" without any preparation whatsoever. This is where a lot of people lose their chance to get hired and it can truly spell disaster if you don't know how to interview well! Here is the quick fix - conduct some research of your own on what questions to expect and how to answer them intelligently so you can give them a great impression. It's important to be very honest and straightforward during an interview as these hiring personnel can detect someone who is not truthful or holding something back from a mile away. Get a friend or family member to give you a mock interview. Have them ask you a series of questions and practice answering them, taking notice of how you sound. You may even want to record yourself on tape if you can to see what you can improve upon. If you are prepared, you will stand out from everybody else because you will be far more confident than they are as you answer all the questions with ease.
  5. Not making a great impression. Why should anybody hire you if you walk in with messy hair, twenty earrings across your earlobes, a nose ring, holes in your jeans, and no sense of humor? One of the first things any company looks for in job applicants is their personality. They wonder, "Will this person be able to get along with the other workers? Do they fit the company image? Can they communicate well with others? Are they positive or negative? Are they uptight or loose? There are so many different things employers are looking at and if you are filling our a Walmart job application, you need to be prepared to knock their socks off when they first see you! Here is how to do it - get a new haircut if you can afford it so you look neat. Press your clothes with an iron or have them dry cleaned before you show up at the store to network with them. Do not wear jeans upon your first visit. Wear a nice blouse or shirt and conservative skirt or pants. Shine your shoes and please, no holes in your socks! Your first impression may just be the reason you do or do not get the job in the end.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Walmart Online Job Applications Are A Snap

It's ridiculously easy to fill out Walmart online job applications in their main website but I have an alternative method I suggest you consider.

WM prides itself on having a down-home, personal, and family-oriented approach in how they treat their customers and employees, making it easier for someone looking for a Walmart job to take a more conventional approach when filling out an application.

May I suggest you consider visiting the Wal Mart of your choice and approaching the Human Resources section, and introduce yourself while asking to fill out an application for employment.

This approach is much more effective for several reasons;

1. You are visiting and inquiring about a position at the store of your choice, and it just may be that they're looking to fill positions right away due to people quitting or being fired.

2. People who have a say-so in the hiring process would much rather see a prospective employee in person, so they're not looking at just a computer screen with information on it. Human beings love familiarity. They would much rather hire someone or at least put someone through the hiring process when they're familiar with that person, instead of taking more of a risk with someone they've never seen or spoken to.

3. This approach is extremely effective if you already know someone who works at the Walmart you want to work for, because that person can easily introduce you to management and vouch for you as a potential employee. Make sure the person introducing you is regarded as a good employee before taking this route!

Once you've made contact in person, then you will be instructed to fill out a Walmart online job application either at the store's kiosk (which I recommend) or at home on your computer.

The advantage here is; they've already met you as a person. If they like what they saw they will contact you, but probably only after you follow up within the following two weeks after you submit the application .

Don't make the mistake of sitting by your phone and waiting for a call. There are very few people in charge of hiring who will follow through and contact potential employees. You must follow up yourself, and I recommend you call them within two weeks after your first visit.

The whole idea is to have them keep you fresh in their minds so that when it's time to pick out new employees, you'll be one of the first on the list.

Also, when people submit Walmart applications, just like any other company, there are flaws in the system; this is because it's run by humans! That is why you need to re-contact and lobby for yourself.

Which brings us to the next obvious question.

What if calling them and following up over the phone doesn't work? Well, I say, that's the perfect opportunity to show them once again what you have to offer in the form of your persistence and desire to work for them.

How often should you keep trying to call and visit in person? There's a fine line between being persistent and being a nuisance, and only you can be the judge of that. Go by their response! Ask yourself, "Do they sincerely seem interested in me?" If you believe they are, then it's worth continuing your efforts to get that Walmart job!